Vape Mail E-liquid Subscription Boxes

At Twist of Vape we want to make quitting smoking as easy and fun as possible. That is why we are looking at introducing an e-liquid subscription box. For those that are already into vaping, you already understand the excitement of receiving vape mail. For those that want to quit smoking, but have anxiety about running out of eliquid and not being able to get to a store to get more, an eliquid subscription box may be the answer.

We understand that some people would like to receive their preselected choice of eliquids, regularly and reliably.  Delivered within the UK, at a frequency that suits you. Thats why we want to include an eliquid subscribe and save option.

Others may want to spice up their e liquid selection with handpicked shortfills or 10ml bottles delivered to you on a monthly basis. Giving you a wide selection of brands and flavours to introduce you to new and delicious flavours you may not have chosen or known about yourself.

That is why we want to introduce 2 different vape mail options. An eliquid subscribe and save model, similar to that of Amazon. As well as a vape mail service where we hand pick up to 6 different flavours per month and delivery then direct to you.

Subscribe and Save

This is where you would self select your usual order of eliquids, and then pick a frequency of delivery. By subscribing to your favourite vape juice you would receive up to 15% off your order each time. Making sure that you always have your e-liquid so that you can rest assured knowing your next delivery will be on its way soon.

Vape Mail

Our Vape Mail service will hand select up to 6 different shortfills or 10ml bottles for you each and every month. Just like other subscription box services, only it will be for delicious eliquids. You would be able to give us feedback on each of your boxes, so if there is a bottle that we send you don’t quite like, we wont send that one to you again.

Both models would only be a 1 month commitment, meaning you can cancel at any time you like.

If you think an e liquid subscription box would be of interest to you, sign up to our newsletter to register your interest below. The more people that sign up the quicker we will be able to offer this fantastic service, so don’t delay and sign up now.