Vape starter kits are perfect for those looking to quit smoking. They contain everything you need to quit smoking by using vaping as an aid. Simply add your favourite eliquid. We stock a wide range of ecig starter kits, from brands such as Innokin and Aspire.
Skystar Revvo Kit

Skystar Revvo Kit


Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Requires 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)


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What types of e-cigarettes are there?

Ecig devices have come a long way in the last few years. From the days when you could only get throw away one use ‘cigalike’ type starter kits that had a predefined amount of liquid, to refillable e-cigarette tanks of different types.

There are some main types of vape starter kits which are described below.

Cigalike - These devices look like cigarettes, roughly the same size, and come with either a refillable tip or single use tips that you unscrew from the battery and throw away. They are good for people that still want the vape to feel like a cigarette in their hand. They do not provide much power and some people find that they are not as satisfying as a cigarette due to the lower throat hit you get from them.

Vape Pen - These are the next stage up from a cigalike. They are a slightly larger vape kit, with a refillable e-liquid tank. You will need to replace coils inside the tank approximately every 2 weeks. They come in various different power outputs, and battery capacity. This style of ecig gives a good alternative option to smoking, and people have found these starter kits a good way to quit smoking. They are called a vape pen as they are around the shape of a pen, just a little wider.

Pod Mod - These are similar to vape pens, but come with a replaceable pod filled with eliquid. They are normally rectangular in shape and come in roughly the same battery capacity of a vape pen. The replacement pods come filled with eliquid and a coil, which means you do not need to replace the coil separately. They are a popular vape starter kit for those that do not like the look of vape pens, or box mods.

Box Mod - These are larger battery type vape kits. They come either as a kit with a refillable eliquid tank, or as the mod only. They tend to have large battery capacities, and can range up to over 200w of output power. They normally have a 510 size screw connector for the tank, meaning you can switch and change various types of tanks, not always from the same manufacturer.

Eliquid Tanks and Coils - Whilst not a vape starter kit on its own, it is worth mentioning the types of tanks and coils. There are lots of e-liquid tanks to choose from, most commonly with a replaceable pre-built coil. Tanks sometimes have variable airflow systems, that allow a variation in the amount of clouds they produce, or throat hit you get. Coils come in either sub-ohm or standard formats, and typically your eliquid tank will come with a specific type of coil. Coils normally need replacing every 1-3 weeks depending on your vaping style and amount.

Vape Starter Kits at Twist of Vape

We stock a wide range of different ecig starter kits here at Twist of Vape. From manufacturers such as Innokin, Aspire and VOOPOO. We offer Pod Mods, and Vape Pen kits for all types of vapers and the necessary coils and eliquids to put in them. All with free UK Delivery on orders over £20.