Innokin Plexar Review

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Innokin Plexar Review

Innokin have been one of the leading manufacturers of vape products since they were founded in 2011. They make a large range of different vape pens, mods and coils to go with them. Some of their most popular e-cigarettes are the Endura T18E-II which replaced the well known Endura T18E in 2019, and the more advanced Innokin Proton Plex. We reviewed the T18E-II previously so if you haven’t already go check that one out too.

Innokin have recently released the Plexar vape pen, which we are going to review today. The Plexar is a more advanced vape pen than the T18E, it comes from the sub ohm electric cigarette range, with its advanced plex tank, taking the brand new Plex3D mesh coils.

We have been living with the Innokin Plexar for around 3 weeks now, and we do this before writing a review so we know what it's like day to day.

Innokin Plexar range of colours

The Plexar Mod

As with any e-cigarette, the Plexar comes in two parts, the tank and the mod. Here the mod is a sleek and slim design not much wider than the single 20700 battery that fits inside. For those used to the 18650 batteries, the 20700 is slightly bigger, and generally has a better capacity and is more suited to the higher power mods. The design is a little industrial looking, with engraved lines down the sides to the bottom which has a screw over cap which holds the battery.

Which the Innokin Plexar is, it is a 100w vape pen, one of if not the most powerful regulated vape pens on the market today. So what does that mean to you, well it provides a good amount of power to run those low resistance 0.14 ohm Plex3D mesh coils. Producing a good amount of vapour and great flavour. More on the Plex tank and coils later.

With it being a high power vape pen you will want to make sure you use the 20700 high capacity batteries. Which you will need to purchase separately, as it doesn't come with one. We do feel as though for the price, they Innokin could have provided one of these. We tried it using the provided 18650 battery adapter with a 3000mah Samsung 25R initially and found that we had to partially charge midway through the day in order to get a full days vaping.


Innokin Plex3D Mesh Coils

The Plex Tank and Coils

This is where the Plexar really begins to shine. With the newly designed Plex tank, which comes with a 2ml glass, a pre-installed Plex3D 0.14 ohm mesh coil and a 810 wide gauge drip tip.

For the average vaper the 2ml tank is enough to see you through the day with a couple of refills. For those wanting to reach for the bottle less, or heavy vapers upgrade to the 5ml bubble glass.

The Plex tank is a top fill tank that has a sliding top plate revealing a drip hole. Overall this is a popular method of filling the tank, is easier than unscrewing the top and generally less messy, so all thumbs up there.

The mesh coil works really well with the high output, and it is worth noting at this point that although we believe the tank will fit other coils, Innokin recommend only using the Plex3D coils with the Plexar. Likely due to the invariable high wattage.

For the durability the tank seems solid, and the mod even more so. Which means if you are liable to the odd drop or knock we believe the Plexar will stand the test of time for most people. In terms of maintenance, the coils are good but you will likely need to change them once a week. If you are an infrequent vaper you could get these to last 2 weeks.

The coil produces a large amount of vapour, this can be adjusted using the variable airflow on the side of the tank. With lots of vapour you do get a nice flavour coming through form the eliquid. However we did find that the Plexar goes through a fair amount of liquid. For us vaping an average amount we went through around 50ml in a week. Which by most standards is fine, but for those perhaps upgrading to their first sub ohm experience it is worth noting you will require more liquid.


Innokin Plexar Plex Tank


We really like the Plexar, for a high wattage sub ohm starter kit it hits most of the key areas. It has a good battery life, especially with the 20700 batteries, and gives good flavour. The new Plex3D mesh coils are a good alternative to standard core coils, and if you haven’t used mesh previously these are a good example.

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