Which Vaping Kit is best for UK Vapers in 2019?

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Aspire Tigon Starter Kit

Which Vaping Kit is best for UK Vapers in 2019?

Yeah we know, how long is a piece of string? Of course there isn’t one vaping kit that is best for every vaper in the UK; it will depend on what you want from your vaping kit; how long you’ve been vaping for; how much nicotine you need in your e-liquid; how discreet you want your kit to be; and a whole load of other factors.

So fine, it’s a difficult thing the recommend one single vape kit that is best in the UK but, as you know, here at Twist of Vape we’re always looking to give you guys the best advice on what is out there for vapers (both new and experienced), so we thought we’d put together a guide on the best kits for certain situations. We hope you guys find it useful. 

Section 1: Getting started with vaping?

Section 2: Been vaping for a while and want to move to the next step?

Section 3: Experienced Vaper looking for a customisable kit?


Getting started with vaping?

First of all, be sure to check out our Guide to Vaping, which will take you through the whole process and give you some ideas on everything you might need to start vaping, finding the right e-liquid for you and much more.

So, a starter kit of a first time vaper needs to be easy to use, effective and probably be capable of taking a reasonably high nicotine rating, as a lot of you out there will be looking to give up smoking and will need a decent amount of it to begin before you can wean yourself off over time. If this is you, check out our comparison of the typical costs of smoking vs. vaping. So, here are some of our favourite vaping starter kits for all you newbs out there:


Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One (AIO)

Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One (AIO)

Building on the success of the first generation Breeze, the new Breeze 2 from Aspire is a dream to use for anyone, but especially those of you who are new to vaping. It can handle the higher mg nicotine rated e-liquids for you quitters out there. Here are some of the features we love the most:

It’s simple

This All-In-One Breeze 2 is probably the easiest to use kit we’ve come across. In fact you might almost say living with this Aspire kit day-to-day is a Breeze. OK, sorry about that. Seriously though Installing and changing the coil is super simple, and on the latest UK version of the Breeze there is a non-return valve on the tank that you simply shove your e-liquid spout into and give the bottle a squeeze and it fills up. I know all this first hand because I got my mother one and she was able to use it straight away - the perfect test for any piece of tech, including a vaping kit.

Aspire Breeze 2 User Guide

It’s reasonably priced

So the Aspire Breeze II is available for £26.99 - this is not going to break the bank for most new vapers. Obviously there’s always a chance when you first start vaping that it isn’t something you get on with and don’t continue with, if that is the case and you’ve spent £26.99 on a kit and a few pounds on some vape juice (check out our UV2 range for some of the best value e-liquid available), you haven’t made a huge investment that has been wasted. Whatsmore this is a top quality product from Aspire, one of the best and most well thought of brands in the vaping industry, so you won’t be disappointed from a value perspective.

It’s discreet

This Breeze 2 kit will fit in the palm of your hand. Some of us vapers are very loud and proud about the kit we have and what we’re vaping, we want to share it with the world because, quite frankly, it’s cool. If that ain’t your bag though, this is a great kit for those who want to vape but don’t necessarily need to make a huge deal out of it. On a more practical note, the Breeze 2 will fit into your pocket nice and easily and for the ladies with those little bags for nights out, this will work perfectly for you.

4 out of 5

This is an easy to use, reasonably priced starter kit for new vapers. We love the excellent Aspire build quality and how it feels in the hand.


Innokin Endura T18E-II V2 Kit

Innokin Endura T18E-II V2 Kit

As we have mentioned, a lot of new vapers are here because they want to quit smoking. Which is why so many of those that have moved over love the Innokin Endura T18E-II, it feels more like cigarette in your hand. With its pen like shape it keeps your hands from reaching for a cigarette. With a more powerful output that the cigalike vape kits, it will be much more effective at helping you quit. So what do we particularly like about the T18E-II:

It’s Simple

That right, just like the Breeze 2 from Aspire mentioned above, the Innokin T18E-II is a really simple device. The coils are really easy to change, just unscrew the bottom of the tank, slip the old one out and the new one in and you’re done. Filling with e-liquid is just as simple, unscrew the top fill up the tank and voila.

The Design

The Innokin T18E-II has a really nice design. With it being a pen style vape starter kit, which some call a vape pen, it feels more like a traditional cigarette. Which for those of your using it to quit smoking may find really helpful. With being a vape pen it is also fantastic at slipping into a pocket or bag. Which means for those that prefer a more discreet smoke it is a real winner.

Its Cheap

At just £26.99 the Innokin T18E-II is one of the cheapest vape starter kits on the market. Which is great again if you don't want to make too big an initial investment into the vaping world. The coils are not too bad either at £7.99 for a pack of 5. We believe a coil will last somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks depending on how smoke you vape.

4 out of 5

Another great kit for those wanting to get started with vaping. There is a bit of customisation available too so it will probably last you a while. We use this pen here a lot and have never had any problems with it.


Aspire PockeX All in One Kit

Aspire PockeX All in One Kit

This is another great offering for new vapers from Aspire and is probably one of the most popular vape kits amongst those who are getting started with vaping. It ticks all the boxes really; you can use high mg nicotine e-liquids, it’s super simple to use and it’s cheap - only £21.99; making it a great all round package. Here are some of the things we love about the Aspire PockeX:

It’s so easy to start vaping

Get your kit, charge it using the USB cable, get some e-liquid in the tank, and you’re away. Aspire really have made this kit intuitive and ideal for first time vapers. We don’t think any of you will struggle with using this but just in case, see below a graphic showing you just how easy it is to fill the PockeX up with vape juice.

It has a colour for everyone

It may seem superficial but we love how you can find an Aspire PockeX that you love the look of and will fit in with whatever style you’re going for. Whatsmore, whilst it’s not quite as discreet as the Breeze 2, this is not a massive vape pen, it will easily fit into your pocket and is easy to carry around. Again, working for all vapers, be they a man or a woman.

You can vape all day

The battery life on the PockeX is good enough for most; you get 2 hours of constant vaping which, realistically if you’re at work is probably more than you’ll manage. This is pretty impressive considering how compact the unit is (see dimensions below); they still managed to fit a 1,500 mAh battery in there.

5 out of 5

You can’t really beat this for a starter kit for new vapers and although we love the Breeze 2 and the Innokin, you can’t discount the sheer bulk of sales that Aspire have managed with the PockeX. There are some clear reasons for their success with it, mainly that Aspire really think about the inexperienced vaper when they design their kits; simplicity is the key.


Been vaping for a while and want to move to the next step?

You know what it’s all about, you’ve outgrown your easy to use starter kit but you’re not ready to get into all of the complicated customisation the really experienced guys get involved in. You might want something that is capable of changing the odd tank or coil but you’re not too bothered about it and want something that is ready to go out of the box as well. We’ve got you covered.


Aspire Tigon Kit

Aspire Tigon Kit

This kit is a pretty recent addition to the Aspire range and it has really taken off. It is one of Twist of Vape’s best sellers over the last couple of months. People love it as it appeals to beginners for its ease of use but it also has some pretty grown up features that more experienced vaper love too. Take a look at some of our highlights and see if you like the sound of the Aspire Tigon:

MTL and DTL Vaping Modes

With the Aspire Tigon Starter Kit, you don’t have to compromise; with most vape pens you are looking at one mode being strong, with it being capable of the other but usually with reduced functionality. The Tigon is strong in both areas so if you like to switch between mouth to lung or direct to lung hits, then this is the vape kit for you.

It’s nice and simple

The Tigon is pretty easy to use despite it’s bulked up feature set and levels of customisation; taking a step above most starter kits. Aspire are the masters of making vaping easy and accessible to everyone, whilst not compromising on performance. You will get great vapour and flavour from the Tigon Kit but you’ll never have a problem with maintaining and using it. See our review and guide on the Aspire Tigon for more info.

It’s only a bit bigger than the PockeX

That’s right, all those features and it still competes on discreetness and ease of carry as the smaller starter kits. Aspire have excelled themselves once again with the Tigon.

5 out of 5

Our vapers love the Tigon - it’s on course for being one of the big hits of 2019 and Aspire have done it once again. This vape kit will suit you if you’re looking to make that next step but want to keep things really simple and discreet.

Customer Rating:

5 out of 5

"I got the black one and it’s very well built. The coils are super easy to put in and the battery lasts for ages! I would recommend to anyone!"


Aspire Zelos 2 Kit

Aspire Zelos 2 Kit

Building on the original Aspire Zelos, this kit now comes with the Nautilus 2 tank - a great upgrade on the original. This also means of course you get to use the amazing Aspire Nautilus Coils on this kit - a legendary name in the vaping world and we’re always happy when we get to use this old trusted friend of a coil. Probably the best selling coil of all time, there’s a good reason people keep coming back again and again.

The mod itself is a low wattage beast which is awesome if you want amazing flavour everytime. On the higher VG liquids the vapour is nice and thick as well so you don’t necessarily have to compromise there, depending on what you’re vaping. This kit could work for you if the following benefits appeal to you:

It’s a good all-rounder

This kit is customisable with your own tank and coils and the mod comes with variable wattage. So really this fits the bill for you experienced guys but at the same time, it’s pretty easy if you just want to stick with standard components, you can vape away to your heart’s content and you won’t be disappointed at all with the performance. The maximum 50W output might put some of you cloud chasers off but really, for most of us it will be more than sufficient.

The Aspire Nautilus Coils

We’ve already talked about this but we’re going to keep going on about; those Nautilus coils are epic! The first coils that gave us adjustable airflow and have been delivering ever since. The airflow range on these will satisfy nearly any vaper. The really awesome bit about it is that, combined with the Aspire Zelos, even when you open the airflow right up for the awesome vapour, the flavour still delivers.

When you’re ready, it’s pretty adaptable

As we’ve already mentioned, with the Aspire Zelos Kit you can start customising when you get to that stage, so whilst you can move onto bigger and better things, you’ll be able to try out a few things with this kit before you go fully into the expensive world of choosing all of your own components and going down the RTA route.

3 out of 5

This is a really solid piece of kit that delivers an amazing vaping experience. It’s not massively exciting though and there are more interesting and better looking kits out there. If function over style is your thing and the benefits we’ve discussed appeal to you, then this will be a great kit that should do you for a while. Of course you get all the usual Aspire build quality as well, so don’t be put off by our rating, this just isn’t as exciting as some of the other kits we’ve tried.


Experienced Vaper looking for a customisable kit?

So you’ve been around the block, you’re part of the scene, you know what you’re doing. This is where it gets interesting. You can change your mod, coils, you can use an RTA, depending on what you want you can customise pretty much everything to make your vaping experience whatever you want it to be. Hopefully this is a good starting point for you.


Voopoo Drag 2 Kit

Voopoo Drag 2 Kit

This kit is definitely a step up. It allows you to vape at 177W output (if you’re crazy enough to) but for you guys who want serious vapour cloud creation then this Kit from Voopoo will do the job. We reviewed this kit a few weeks ago and came to the conclusion that it is a signficant improvement on the original Drag. Voopoo have outdone themselves this time with a kit that allows customisation (you can stick with your tank if you wish) but actually the package as a total kit is really good too and decent value. Some things you more experienced guys will love about this kit:

The Triple Mesh Coil

We mentioned insane vapour production on the Voopoo Drag 2; the high wattage output combined with the triple mesh coil mean that if you want to produce some serious vapour, this kit is pretty amazing. We actually found in our test that even at low wattage the coil allows you to get a big cloud - we tended to stick to 55W and don’t forget it can go all the way up to 177W. The variable settings mean you’ll definitely be able to get it working in the way that you want.

Intense flavour

I mean wow. Voopoo have really made this kit incredibly good at getting all of the available out of an e-liquid. We mentioned in our review of the Drag 2 that we tried it with Rebellion’s Lemon Pirate - a great vape juice if you haven’t tried it. Vaping Lemon Pirate on this Voopoo kit is just awesome; you get such a diverse flavour spectrum, from the tangy lemon through to the butteriness of the aftertaste, the Drag 2 just gives it all to you in the most intense way possible. You need to be ready for it but once you get used to it, you won’t go back to the more simple vape kits. As we mentioned in our review, a good balance between flavour and vapour is between 55W and 65W.

It’s not actually that expensive

For the quality of this kit we don’t see £64.99 as a huge amount. At this point you know you’re going to be using it every day and for the price you do get everything you need. If you’re going to add your own ancillaries then it is probably worth getting the mod only, but really for the difference in price, you may as well get the kit as it comes with a couple of those awesome triple mesh coils. Now if you go down the RTA route, you’re probably looking at around £100 to get going but, again, that’s not too bad for the level of customisation you can get and the sheer quality and reliability of this this Voopoo Drag 2.

4 out of 5

A significant improvement on the original Drag Kit, Voopoo have outdone themselves with the Drag 2. The vapour production and intense flavour, along with the ability to customise and change the wattage to get what you need means that this is going to keep most vapers very, very happy. Whilst there are a couple of annoying bits to consider such as the raised 510 platform and the loose battery door, we think most of you can put up with these minor faults for the benefits we’ve discussed; we doubt you’ll be disappointed with the Voopoo Drag 2 Kit.


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