Quit Smoking - An Introduction to Vaping

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Quit Smoking - An Introduction to Vaping

Many people have found success in quitting smoking over the last few years by replacing their traditional cigarettes with electric cigarettes. We aim to help you understand the basics of vaping and how to use our starter kits to help you quit smoking. 

Section 1: Vaping Jargon

Section 2: What Nicotine Strength do I need?

Section 3: What Kit should I buy?

Section 4: What e-liquid should I buy?

Section 5: How long will one bottle of e-liquid last?

Section 6: How often will my vape kit need charging?

Section 7: Where next?


Section 1: Vaping Jargon

First lets get some jargon explained. 

Vaping is the term used for smoking using an electric cigarette

Eliquid / E-Liquid / Vape Juice are names for the liquid used in electronic cigarettes

Coils come in various forms, but for simplicity let assume we mean pre-built coils. These are made from metal and cotton, which the liquid soaks into and when heated produce the vapour you inhale. 

Sub-Ohm (Subohm) This refers to the resistance of the coil. Less than 1ohm is considered subohm. 

Kits, Batteries and Mods are the device used to vape. A kit just means it comes with everything, a battery is just that, and a mod is a fancy name for a battery, but is likely to have additional features like variable power/voltage.


Section 2: What Nicotine Strength Do I Need?

This depends on how many traditional cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke between 10 and 20 per day, then start with a 12mg liquid, you can then drop down to 6mg fairly quickly. If you are using a subohm device, then halve that. 



Section 3: What Kit Should I Buy?

This really depends on you, and how much you want to spend, or how much of a hobby you would like vaping to be. 

We suggest for those wanting to use vaping to quit smoking trying out one of our starter kits. Such as the Innokin T18E-II, or the Aspire PockeX. They come with everything you need, except eliquid. They are low cost, and we believe give a much better introduction to vaping than a single use ecig. Single use ecigs, or those with throw away cartomisers do not tend to give the same throat hit as a traditional cigarette therefore have less satisfaction, making it harder to give up entirely. 



Section 4: What Liquid Should I Buy?

Thats the fun bit! Try out a few flavours, and see what you like. We sell a wide range from traditional flavours such as Tobacco and Menthol, to fruity or even Desert flavours from brands such as Dinner Lady and Mum's Home Baked. I am sure you will be able to find something that you like over on our eLiquids page. 

Section 5: How Long Will One Bottle Last?

This is quite subjective, and again depends on how much you smoke. The average smoker, moving on to vaping will smoke a single 10ml bottle approximately every 5 days. At just £3.99 a bottle, that's a lot cheaper than smoking. Of course, everyones consumption will be different, and it does depend on your kit set up. Which is why we offer 3 for £10 on all our £3.99 eliquids. So you can stock up and not worry about running out. 

Section 6: How Often Will It Need Charging?

We recommend starting off with a kit that has a battery with 1000mah. That should last all day without the need to charge. If you find that you are having to charge more often, we do offer batteries with over 4000mah. 

Section 7: Where next?

Luckily there are plenty of resources available to you, we'd recommend going and taking a look at one of the following:

Check out our review and unboxing video on the Innokin T18E-II Starter Kit

Check out our range of e-liquids and try out a few of them with 3 for £10

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