Quit Smoking - How much could you save by vaping?

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Quit Smoking - How much could you save by vaping?

At Twist of Vape we are passionate about helping smokers to quit smoking, by using the aid of electric cigarettes and vaping instead. It has already been shown that it is up to 95% better for you than smoking, which is a statistic that can hardly be ignored. 

Today we have put together some stats on how much you could save by vaping instead of smoking. 

    We have made some assumptions to give you an idea of the savings you can make by vaping. It may be different for everyone, but as you will see, the amount of money you can save by vaping instead of smoking is incredible. 

    How much does smoking cost?

    1 packet every day means you will need to buy 30 packets throughout the month.

    30 × £9 = £270

    That is £270 every month. With a lot of people smoking more expensive cigarettes and more cigarettes per day that could easily increase. 

    How much does vaping cost?

    One 10ml bottle of eliquid lasts around 3 days meaning you will need 10 bottles. As we offer 3 for £10 let us assume you pay £3.30 per bottle. 

    10 × £3.33 = £33.30

    You are also going to need some coils though. These usually come in a box of 5 and 1 coil will last just over 1 week (though its likely for most users it will be closer to 2 weeks). Most coils cost around £12 for a packet of 5.

    £12 ÷ 5 = £2.40 per coil

    Using 3 coils a month, adding that to our total gives

    £33.30 + ( £2.40 × 3 ) = £40.50

    How much do you save vaping?

    With the average smoker spending around £270 per month of cigarettes and the equivalent person vaping only spending around £40.50 on eliquids and coils. The average smoker can save £229.50 per month! That's a 85% saving on smoking cigarettes. 

    With most ecig starter kits costing between £30 and £40 even in your first month you would make huge savings. 

    Below is a table of the savings that we think you could make by using vaping to quit smoking. 

    Light Smoker Average Smoker Heavy Smoker
    Smoking £135 (10/day) £270 (20/day) £405 (30/day)
    Vaping £29.80(1 bottle / 4 days + 2 coils) £40.50(1 bottle / 3 days + 3 coils) £59.60(1 bottle / 2 days + 4 coils)
    Saving £105.2 / mo. £220.4 / mo. £295.5 / mo.


    With savings like that it no wonder that the number of people using vaping as an aid to quit smoking is increasing at such a fast pace. 

    Just think at what you could do with that extra money each month. The amount saved is in the realms of being able to lease that new car you have always wanted, or book that holiday you have been looking at. 

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